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  1. he is so happy That he can tell about it.and he dont think about That he is dying

  2. ppla re stupid first off read a book second nothing can live thought space travel, a light yr is just over 6 trillion miles, and nothing in the universe and travel 6 trillion miles unless the mastered death, im sure the haven't. any way alien are a cover up for demons, ppl dont want the mass to know, their is a lord, and the evil runs this planet. read your bible the earth was given to the hands of the wicked. we are at the end of time a times people. and there are no aliens, just demons, and satin remember he can take any form. I dont understand instead of doing research. people rather believe in feed non sense. demons have been here since the dawn of time. powers that be know this. the cover up is their is a lord and he loves all of us. what these people play with are not alien their demons from Pandora box. people better start praying cause aliens wont save you when god calls. and I doubt the alien story gonna work for him. pray for human,they lie so much they belive they own lies.

  3. so these aliens can fly millions of miles, but can never figure how to land? seems odd

  4. If this interview was legit the CIA would have taken it down off YouTube straight away

  5. Has anyone ever thought of why they want to keep this stuff a secret from us and its not for the sake of keeping it from us, there is so much more to this that THEY don´t even know, its almost like they are afraid of us. I wonder why.

  6. I am copy and pasting this all over.
    Hi, my name is Zyamiuef, i work for a Galactic Federation.Your planet is apparently this planet has been receiving too many visits, lots of empires want to take over, the current ones in charge are the illuminati, or the Free Masons, if that is what you call it here, and they don't want humans to improve, AT ALL, the secret service agencies such as the CIA are hiding this technology, basically they don't want humans escaping this planet, if you are a human reading this, then i feel sorry for you. sometimes i feel like helping them, but I can't because i would get into trouble, and by the way, i came here to earth to for mining/marketing reasons.I was born on a planet in a star system 188 light years away from this one.I have learned to speak English, and barely learning Chinese with humans, but I use my disguising device to not get into trouble.Apparently this type of internet here on earth is way slower and more disorganized.If you have any questions about the universe, ask me,i will be delighted to answer your questions.When i first arrived here in this planet a few months ago, my destination was in Washington, i talked to the president, he allready knows i'm a foreigner, I was talking to him about the minerals that I would like to mine here on this place, when I was going to visit my partners, i was walking in public without my cloaking device, i had my suit on incase i encounter radiation, (I can't go near nuclear plants) humans can be close and not get sick , but it affects me very badly even if I am miles away from it.I was walking without my cloaking device in public, and all of the sudden, all these humans started staring at me like if I had just killed someone, one even screamed and she thot that I was a "Demon" I think that comes from religious beliefs, but i don't exactly know what they mean by that word, and so then i went back inside a house because i did not know what was happening, i heard loud noises and saw red and blue lights, i was guessing those were Police Officers, but then i took of into my craft and flew away, then my partners called me, they said I had violated some "rule" that they had here on planet Earth, which is apparently one of the top rules of this place, it is illegal to appear with your normal form, when interacting with humans i have to have my cloaking device on, so basically I find that to be a weird rule, no wonder Humans still have primitive technology, also primitive spirituality, levitating, it's real, i can do it spiritually but it is easier with technology, "Ghost sightings" are just foreign visitors from other star systems.So that is the end of what I had to say, I hope the Human species evolve technologically and especially spiritually, have a good time, thank you.
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  7. That voice in the beginning caught me offgaurd to put it delicately.

  8. I do believe they excise and are keeping and eye on us defenetly waking amongst us but if this video was real do you really think the government would let you see it?

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