Glass Repair Company

As your friendly local glazier service, we’re often asked by our clients if they actually needed to get in touch with us in the first place.

Sure, there have been times when we’ve found ourselves taking care of glass repair projects when they weren’t necessary; but when it comes to this brittle material – can you really be too careful?

We’ve also seen the effects that occur on the other side of the coin, when home owners decide to leave an issue until it’s too late and find themselves facing damage and even injury in the most extreme of cases.

So, when should you consider hiring a glass repair expert exactly – and when could you leave your windows to sit tight for a little longer? Rob from gives us this advice:


Did you know that small chips in glass windows are responsible for tens of thousands of dollars in insurance every year? Why, you ask? It’s because if they are left untreated, the chips could cause internal damage that can result in cracking and shattering. And there’s nothing quite as expensive as having to clean up thousands of shards of glass from a home or office!


Cracks typically appear as a result of chipping, but they can occur when the pressure on a window frame becomes too much and the glass cracks as a result. In these cases you won’t want to put off calling us, as the crack could quickly split and then shatter if you’re really unlucky.


Most modern day windows are made from tempered glass – and these styles can be much tougher and more resilient when compared to other types out there. Splits can still occur however, especially if the glass is subjected to pressure, or if a crack is allowed to grow out of control. In these cases we’d always encourage getting in touch with us, as the next step is shattering.


If your window has decided to completely shatter, then get as far away from the shards as possible and give us a call.

These cover the main reasons for needing our Glass Repair Melbourne services, but what about times when you might not need us quite as urgently?


With double glazed windows, it’s not uncommon for the space in between the panes to fluctuate in temperature which can lead to a foggy appearance known as blowing. Although you might not be in any immediate danger, there’s no denying that blown glass can look very unattractive, so feel free to get in touch with us if you’re facing this type of event and we’ll repair and replace as needed.

Minor Warping

Warping often occurs when heat within the glass becomes too extreme to handle. Although warping on a minor level isn’t overly risky; it will only get worse and this is where the real risks occur. To avoid damage and injury, don’t allow your warped windows to get the better of you and give us a call today.

If you’re ever unsure, why expose you and your family to risks? We could visit your home (or commercial property), undertake a quick evaluation and share our thoughts with you on the spot!

To learn more about our services or to get in touch, just send us a quick email or give us a call today; we’ll be happy to answer your questions and take your bookings.