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  1. Yup, I wanna see you giving ME a home loan! And 100th to boot! Anything for cheap advertising :P

  2. I saw this ad loading for a video and found it so I could comment.

    Technically if someone does have a lot of debt, and they are struggling to pay it off, is it a good idea for a business to give them a loan to buy a massive thatched house in the burbs?

    I know you gave her a hundred k to help pay off the debt she now owes to both you guys and her other creditors, but seriously all it shows is that your company is encouraging people to bury themselves under a mountain of debt, because hey at least they have a house afterwards. What happens when she cant make payments? Will her home being auctioned off afterwards also be in an Ad?

    Who the hell decided that this is a good idea for an advert. It just makes you guys look stupid.

  3. Wow SA Home Loans … what a great way to show how important your clients are to you and how committed you are to fulfilling their dreams. Well done to the SA Home Loans Management and staff.

  4. This has been exactly what my experience in dealing with SA Homeloans has been about and about 6 years ago they financed a deal that none of the others could even accommodate in the system run organization. Because SA Homeloans is built around people and relationships they were willing to do a custom finance solution and gave me the opportunity to own a home. Well done SA Homeloans and keep up the good work.

    Ramona and Faizal you are both great ambassadors for your company :)

  5. This would of been much better if this prize was given to someone less priviledged. I mean that would of been much better publicity for you. Just looking at the property in the video its safe to acknowledge that this property is if of high value. This means as discussed in the add that the the lucky lady has had a good run and now was tasting a bit of the bad, which in life should always be the case. I am sure you have ppl on your account base struggling to pay their bonds perhaps a good gesture to these less fortunate ppl may have increased your publicity.

    I must admit SA Homeloans is truly a fantastic company – as where many banks have failed to succeed to assist clientele SA Homeloans has the skilled and talented team to ensure that their clients are always satisfied.
    Well done SA Homeloans – Keep the SA flag running high.

    Customer Services at its best.
    To the consultant well done on taking care of the client – (three months must of been exhausting on an account). If SA homeloans could throw a 100k at the client for taking a bond we can only imagine what they have done for the efforts you have put in. Remember sharing is caring 🙂
    Oh yes and you are a Hottie :-)

  6. To all the naysayers and the negative talks here… Get a grip THIS IS NOT ABOUT YOU. Celebrate the good things that happen in life… even when it doesn't happen to you. Why must this make sense to YOU….. it's not about you, so move along. This is not about YOU PERIOD.. AND YOU ARE NOT FLAWLESS!!! This is a feel good story… something nice for a change and no matter how she got herself wherever it was..SO….WE DON'T KNOW THE FULL STORY..and why SAHL have decided to do this for her. In short they explain below, thanx for that, but you didn't have to SAHL. Something good happened in this woman's life and i applaud her for making positive changes in her life. Good for YOU SAHL…. and no I AM NOT A CUSTOMER.. This story just made my day..

  7. I cant believe the size of this house and the party that was given for this woman… give it to a child living alone looking after 5 siblings in Alex. White privilege trumps all once again… shame on SA Home Loans

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